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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    August 27, 2019

    American Addiction Centers Shares Facts About Drug Use In Colleges

    A new school year has begun, and many college students have made their way to take advantage of the higher education opportunities offered to them.

    Some of these students are away from 中国福利彩票安卓下载 for the first time, and will have some anxieties to deal with. They may feel apprehensive about what lies ahead for them, or they may be unsure of themselves. Read more: and

    Many of them will experience several mixed emotions, and this could make them vulnerable prey for first time drug use. A concern for the American Addiction Centers is that colleges across the country have had an influx of reported drug use especially among new students.

    of the prevalence of drugs on the nation’s college campuses, and are encouraging parents to get all of the facts that are available.

    As college students heads to school for the first year, or are a returning student, it is beneficial for parents to know the startling, sobering statistics about alcohol and drug use among college students. This demographic group has the highest levels of drug and alcohol use, and this can lead to addiction, and negatively affect their college experience.

    American to know what the statistics are, have open, candid conversations with their college students about drugs and alcohol.

    This trend of substance abuse among college students has no visible end. A recent study showed that within the last month, 62 percent of college students drank alcohol. The use of Amphetamines are at a high rate, and many students have admitted to using the drug Adderall. Many students use drugs for the first time when they are struggling to be prepared for exams.

    Once they try it, and get over the hurdle, they realize that it is something that they want to try again. It does not take long for an addiction to take control. People who are addicted are silently wishing that someone had paid attention to them before it got bad.

    stresses that being aware of unusual changes in a student’s behavior is a clear sigh that there may be something wrong.

    Parents should be very observant of their student. If there are changes in their appearance, dishonesty or lying, unexplained paranoia, or sleeping too much or not at all, there is need for concerns. Immediate steps should be taken to get to the reason or cause.

    The student will be evasive, but the parent needs to be stronger at this point. There are American Addiction Centers located throughout the country. They will offer the help that is necessary to get the student back on track. Parents should know the facts, and keep an open mind.

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