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    Joe Fagan

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    June 05, 2019

    Marc Beer Contributions to Biotechnology in Curbing Life-Threatening Diseases

    The 21st century has seen a continuation of the medical advancement that started in the 20th century in the medical field. This includes diseases that were life-threatening, such as cancer and late-stage coronary diseases. The  are attributed to better medical procedures, knowledge protocols, and medicines. There is an increase in the collection of knowledge understanding and use of information which has been applied to biologic information used in studying genetics.


    One notable figure who has contributed to medical advancement since the 1990s is Marc Beer. His work has been forward-looking with medical science focused on pharmaceutical products aimed at treating genetic problems.

    Marc’s Foundation in the Biotech Industry

    Marc Beer is the founder of Abbott Labs, which manufactures generic drugs as well as Genzyme, which is one of the leading biotech in the world. In 2000 Marc Beer co-founded ViaCell, a stem company which was mainly focused on the preservation of babies’ stem cells. He helped to build the company from scratch to multimillion biotech. ViaCell, however, was sold in 


    The next big move for Beer was in 2010 when he got involved with Good Start Genetics, which was a pioneer for genetic testing systems. The company contributed greatly to high rates of pregnancy among couples seeking in-vitro fertilization. Good Start was later sold to Ivitae, which was a success for Marc Beer, who has shown that he could successfully guide a start-up to achieve success.


    Marc Beer’s Contributions At Renovia Inc.


    Today, however, Marc Beer has been involved in a new progressive start-up Renovia, he is the CEO and founder of the start-up. The startup has been key in helping women with pelvic disorders, the start-p promises complete revolution in the treatment of the disorders. Renovia does this without subjecting the women to surgery as it has come up with new medications that work for the pelvic floor.


    According to Marc Beer, Dr. Sam Pulliam came up with the idea about how to help the  without causing severe problems. With his team, the doctor had come up with an evidence-based treatment that would work for most of the pelvic issues without surgery.


    The projected needed someone with executive chops, and technical background and Marc Beer was the right candidate for this project. They had to convince him that this project could hit the real market and that it could result in ina high quality-of-life driver for millions of women. Although Renovia is still early in the business, it has been involved in successful biotech and medical start-ups. Learn more: 


    Marc Beer notes that working in the pharmaceutical industry is very involving and Capex-intensive, especially when dealing with drugs new to the market. However, working with professionals in the field will yield positive results as exerts make work easier as there is a need for many specialists in biotech.

    June 03, 2019

    Marc Beer appointed Chairman of the Board for LumeNXT

    In recent news, selected Marc Beer as Chairman of the Board.

    He has a lengthy resume and has had numerous marketing, business and leadership positions across a variety of fields and businesses.

    Before LumeNXT, Beer was an important part of

    Beer is a participant of the Miami University Business Advisory Council and used to be a member of Notre Dame Research.

    During his studies, he has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Miami University.


    Beer has more than 25 years of as well as devices and diagnostics.

    He also has more than 20 years of experience in profit and loss management and has been in charge of over 300 employees.

    Throughout his career, he has served as an independent consultant for many companies and he possesses a wealth of diverse skills.

    Additionally, he worked to launch numerous products addressing rare diseases and raised $42 million to help fund Renovia Inc.

    Beer is up for the task and said that he was proud to be working with the accomplished team of engineers and surgeons.


    LumeNXT is a company working on products that focus on less invasive surgery.

    This revolutionary new technology allows illumination to be transmitted directly into certain kinds of wounds for improved visualizations.

    The special design prevents tissue damage caused by unintentional overheating by removing the heat from the light-emitting element.

    Surgeons that have used the targeted illumination report that this technology improves precision and visualization.

    LumeNXT claims to be a highly customer-centered business and with such impressive contributions to medical technology, they are proving that. Learn more: 


    These recent advances in science and business have vast implications that will likely change the landscape of the industry.

    Many people across a wide spectrum should benefit in a variety of ways due to these efforts and new technologies.

    Investors might turn a significant profit and countless lives might be healed or saved, the potential is great for those involved.

    It will be interesting, fascinating and exciting to see what the future has in store for Marc Beer and LumeNXT.