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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    July 03, 2019

    Isabel dos Santos: Creating A Way For Women

    Isabel dos Santos is a well-known and respected businesswoman who is known as the first female billionaire in Africa. She is the daughter of the former president of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. She attended the King’s College in London where she got a degree in electrical engineering. When her schooling was complete, she returned 中国福利彩票安卓下载 and held positions that allowed her to become a woman of influence (). 

    Today she has helped create thousands of jobs. She has also inspired many girls in her country to pursue careers in business. Isabel dos Santos has experienced a large amount of success within her career. She has taken part in many different businesses. Much of the work that she does is recognized, but is most well-known. Isabel dos Santos is the leader of Unitel. Unitel is the largest telecommunication company in Angola. She has helped to bring technology and cellular access to the people within her country. People in rural and urban areas have been able to benefit off of the services that Unitel offers to their customers. 

    Isabel dos Santos is committed to the work that she does, but she does not limit herself. Where she sees areas for growth, she takes the opportunity that is set before her. She has ventured into education, finance, construction, and many other areas. Her wisdom in business and her determination have led to . She continues to use the knowledge that she has gained in business to excel in what she does. She will always do whatever she can through business to help the African community and other unprivileged parts of the world since she has charity funds worldwide also. 

    In her you中国福利彩票安卓下载th, she spent a significant amount of time traveling and being exposed to things and placed that she wouldn’t have been exposed to in Angola. is a significant role model for women and girls all over Africa. No woman has been named a billionaire in Africa. She is making a path for women all over Africa to go after their dreams and do what makes their heart content. People like Isabel dos Santos cause people to believe anything is possible.

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